7 Betting Tips for the Occasional Bettors

If you are not an expert in the field, sports betting can be rather daunting. Nevertheless, fear not because we have a few useful hints to make life easier for you when you want to make a wager.

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1. Make a budget…and stick to it
Only ever wager with money you can afford to lose and that way you stay in full control and can enjoy your wagering. It is a simple but crucial rule to follow.
2. Look at the Stats
There are statistics for just about sports all over the Internet and they can be valuable in helping you choose your wagers. Take football as an example. With a quick search you can find out things like the average number of goals a team scores and concedes, how often they score first, how many times they keep a clean sheet, whether a particular player scores first or last more frequently, and much more besides. Armed with such information, you can select smarter bets the majority of the time.
3. Do not chase losses
Sometimes wagers win and sometimes they lose, it is a part of the fun of betting and important to accept. If your wager happens to lose then it is best to accept it and move on instead of trying to win the money back by choosing a new wager with higher odds. If you start selecting bets because the winnings will cover a previous loss, you may ignore the other advice on this page and not selecting the best wagers for you.
4. Get some assistance
With thousands of wagers to pick up, it can be tough to decide who or what to bet on. It does not need to be that way as there are numerous tolls available to assist you in picking the right wager: you can use some tips from experts like the ones by the Titanbet bloggers, you can look at match previews to see what people expect to happen in a coming game, or you can use a feature like Titanbet’s top bets to see what other people bet on right now.
5. Analyze the form
If you like a bet on horse racing then form is one of the most important factors in selecting a horse. With a quick look at the form, you can see how well each horse is doing in general, how they perform in some conditions, and what kind of races they seem to do well in. This can then be used to help you choose a likely winner for your selected race. Form also plays a part in many other sports, particularly when looking at past meetings between opponents and so isn’t necessarily limited to just horse racing.
6. Check the teamsheet
It may seem simple but it can make a huge difference. For instance, if a Premier League team faces a lower league side in a cup competition, the Premier League side will be expected to win and the odds will reflect this. Nevertheless, their priorities may lie elsewhere and so they would decide to rest some key players, leaving an upset a distinct possibility. In cases like this, it is possible to pick up some generous odds and potentially huge winnings by wagering on the underdog.
7. Take advantage of promotions
It is much less risky to wager with a free wager rather than your own money and there are plenty available to make use of. Join Titanbet and straight away you qualify for a generous free bet and then you can get more with our regular promotions. That is not all because with various moneyback offers, you can sometimes get your money back if things do not go as expected.


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