All about Asian betting sites and Asian betting exchange

Asian betting exchange sites concentrate on a wide range of various sports depending on what regional or national markets they serve. While international and European football is universally commonplace, betting sites serving national markets also aim at national or regional leagues, with much coverage of local sport events.

With its enormous population, it comes as no surprise that Asia is the world’s biggest betting market. Nevertheless, it is also a market which is experiencing rapid change, making it even more important for sports betting fans to do their homework prior to making any deposits.
Asian betting exchangeIn Japan and Korea, for instance, baseball is quite popular, while in India, cricket is a national obsession. Sports like golf and tennis are covered as well. While North American sports leagues do not experience the same level of coverage as they do in Europe, major international brands running in Asia offer comprehensive coverage of NFL football, Major League Baseball, NBA basketball and NHL hockey.

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Asian betting exchange

Asian betting exchange

Betting choices are offered for all major sports including three-way betting, handicap betting and total goal betting. Futures and props wagering, and Live In-Play betting are also available for primary sporting events.
Coverage of horse racing on Asian betting sites is restricted in comparison with their European and British partners. Nevertheless, most international brands fill the void with coverage of races on a regular basis in the UK, Europe and North America, and in-depth coverage of major racing events as well.
Well known Asian brands also provide deposit bonuses and promotions to stimulate players to try their luck at online casino games.

How to make sure that an ansian betting exchange site is legal

With the fast growth of the online Asian bet market, it has got increasingly important to make sure you select a legitimate website which accepts deposits in the currency of your option.
Historically, the Asian market has been serviced by a patchwork of brands meeting the requirements of specific regional or national markets. As a consequence, Asian betting sites have been typically run by local or national authorities.
The Philippines have been recognized in recent years as one of Asia’s most favorite jurisdictions for the licensing and regulation of online Asian betting exchange sites. A growing number of reliable international brands have operations in the Philippines, making use of the country’s fast developing infrastructure and commitment to developing the industry.
A lot of Asian countries are in the process of designing policies on online betting for the first time, laying the basement for improving regulation of online betting websites across the continents.
Many reliable international brands service the Asian market while running offshore. These websites were licensed and operated by authorities in the country where they are based. However, even with a license from an online betting regulatory body, nobody can ensure that a betting site will adhere to ethical conduct.
To save yourself, it is advisable to choose a betting website which has a long track record of success and ethical behavior. The industry’s largest and best brands earned their good reputations through a commitment to hard work for years. Brands engaging in unethical practices don’t stay in business for good.
It is also makes sense to examine a brand’s customer service and gambling policies. Make sure that the site’s customer service group can be easily contacted, especially to discuss issues about a deposit or money withdrawal.

Depositing at asia betting exchange sites

Multiple deposit methods are offered by reliable Asia betting sites. The most used method available is to use a service which facilitates money transfers from a credit card or bank account.
E-wallet services such as Moneybookers and AsiaPay88 enable safe and reliable transfer of funds from bank accounts and credit card accounts accordingly. Trusted international brands may also admit deposits directly from credit cards such as Visa and MasterCard, depending on your location and the country of your card registered.
When you have had a run of good luck and smart bets, there are multiple methods for taking out your money depending on the site you play. It is most popular that the method you use to make a deposit will also be the method for withdrawing your money. If you deposit by bank transfer, you will get your withdrawal by bank transfer. If you deposit from your Moneybookers account, you will get your withdrawal using that service.
Asia is the world’s most rapid growing sports betting markets, with many reliable brands providing intensive coverage of both local Asian sports, as well as the world’s largest sporting events.

About Asian Betting Exchange

The bet exchange was the most evolutional betting definition since the start of online betting.
The Asian betting exchange model furthers this concept and today is the largest revolution in racing, a betting platform which presents big liquidity, rebates (discounts) and an absolutely comprehensive variety of products, where you can Back or Lay and bet In-Running at the lowest margins.
In global betting on horse racing, harness and greyhound and sports betting online the best and most competitive services are now in Asian.
The largest revolution in betting on sports and racing today is the ability to bet Live/In-Running. With the Asian betting exchange every event is taken to you live from all corners of the world.
This Rolls Royce service is free of charge. Players are never limited and winners are welcome – punters have never had it so good.
Betting Evolution
The evolution of Asian as the global leader in betting is the game changer. Asian licensed betting service suppliers are of such scale which targeted gross margins are only 1% of turnover in comparison with the traditional western operators seeking 10%+ margins on turnover.
This means it gets imperative to shop in Asia to be successful, as western jurisdictions and their operators continually increase their vig, take or cut….at the punters expense.
Betting Exchange
Betting exchanges run as a stock exchange (a meeting place for traders), it is a platform whereby punters (bettors) place bets with each other. You can act as either a Punter (Bet) or Bookmaker (Lay or Eat) or both. As a Punter you can make use of the best deals available on the net provided by your fellow peers.


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