Asian handicap -0.5 – the best odds of Asian handicap betting

If you’re a fan of Asian handicap betting, surely you must understand the importance of choosing the odds before betting, because it will determine directly to how much you will get money, or how much money you can lose after the game ended. So, to play Asian handicap betting the best, you have to understand the odds and how to choose in each case the right way. This article will give you a comprehensive view of the odds of Asian handicap betting, and more it will give the right advice to you about Asian handicap -0.5 – the most favorite odds in this kind.

In Asian handicap betting, you will find common Asian handicap containing 0:0, 0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.0, 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 and 2.0. To start your game, you have to select for yourself the suitable Asian handicap. Below is all necessary information about them. Please pay attention.  

Overall about Asian handicap

Asian Handicap 0.0

Asian handicap 0:0 means draw no bet. And because there is no draw in this kind, so, with Asian handicap 0:0, all bets are void and stakes are refunded.



Asian Handicap 0.25

I will explain this odd by an example. There are two teams in the match, with Asian handicap 0.25, if team giving a 1/4 ball start (-0.25), and the other is considered as a loser when have a draw. You will win or lose by any score. In other hand, in case giving (+0.25), Bettors can win or lose by any score.

Asian Handicap 0.75

With the team giving a 3/4 ball start (-0.75), there are two cases: win by exactly 1 and win by 2 or more. With the case of team receiving a 3/4 ball start (+0.75), bettors can draw or win by any score and the teams which lose by 2 are loser. If lose by 1, you will lose a half stake.

Asian Handicap 1.0

In this case, if you win or lose by 2 and more, all bets are winners or loser. If you win or lose by exactly 1, all bets are void and refunded to the customer.

Other Asian handicap odds are similar to the odds which I shown above. And I want to show you clearly about Asian Handicap -0.5.

Asian Handicap -0.5

Actually, Asian handicap -0.5 is the most favorite odd in Asian handicap betting which is used and select usually and popularly in football betting. So what different things of Asian handicap -0.5 from above odds?  The first, if you select this odd, your game will start with 0-1/2. Before the match begins, it offers to team giving and other team will be 0.5. And different from other odds, it will give two teams certain benefits instead of making one of them lose. The last, with this odd, the weak team is advanced with a half goal before the match begins ad draw option is eliminated.

I hope all information about can be great sports betting tips for you which can help you take part in Asian handicap betting more effectively and increase your chance of winning. So, let’s try and get start with Asian handicap -0.5 for the first time betting.

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