Asian handicap -0.5 improve winning chance of underdog

Asian handicap is now quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of sports betting. It is also known as points betting or spread betting because you will get win or lose in a range of handicap betting points. There are many common Asian handicaps, but with Asian handicap -0.5, you can always comfortably bet on the underdog with the ability of securing you from the tie. In other word, you can always back the team you love with Asian handicap without wondering about your favorite team meet a far superior team.

What is Asian handicap?

The term Asian Handicap was invented by Joe Saumarez Smith in the late 1990s. He is known as one of betting experts who was writing about gambling for English newspapers. By many researches, he found that Asian handicap was the best way of describing sports betting system. And now, Asian handicap spread around the betting industry and to be the accepted term worldwide as well as played popularly because of a lot of benefits it gives to both two teams. You can understand simply that Asian handicap help a game become fairer, so the winning ability of two teams is same. As I have mentioned above, there are different common Asian handicaps, but why we only introduce to you about Asian handicap -0.5, let’s study below.


How Asian handicap -0.5 works

For example, in football, in generally will have a team that stronger than other leading to your favorite may be underdog. You really love the underdog, but you know for sure that you will be lost if you bet on it by traditional betting form. But with Asian handicap, you can comfortably bet on your favorite team, even it is underdog. And Asian handicap -0.5 is considered the common handicap to guarantee the fairness of the sports events. For example, Chelsea is considered as stronger to get the win, the strong of Chelsea give 0.5 to underdog and Chelsea receive -0.5. Simply is the underdog will be added 0.5 score when the game finish. Therefore, if the game finish by a tie, the underdog will win with 0.5 score which added by Asian handicap -0.5. That means the underdog will win when they win or tie and Chelsea only win when they win and lose when they lose or tie.

Asian handicap -0.5 or fixed odds betting?

In sports betting online, there are many betting forms such as Asian handicap, fixed odds or called 1×2, Correct score – first half and full half, Odd/even and more. But Asian handicap and fixed odd are the most popular forms. They are two different markets and Asian handicap offers better odds than fixed odds. Besides, fixed odds (1×2) market is more likely to have major odds changes. You cannot also get benefits like playing with Asian handicap because Asian handicap secure you from the tie. In fixed odds, you lose if the outcome is a Draw, but with Asian handicap, depend on types of Asian handicap you choose to be, you can win or being returned in full or half your stake with a tie.

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