Asian handicap -0.5 in online sports betting

It is not by chance when Asian handicap is nowadays one of the most popular betting forms. It is often played in football and basketball and sports events that have short range of scores between two teams. Originating from Asian, Asian handicap betting quickly became common worldwide because of its benefits and advantages. When it comes to Asian handicaps, Asian handicap -0.5 is considered as Malaysia odds. So how did Asian handicap -0.5 explain in online sports betting? Let’s discovery below!

In this article, besides explaining Asian handicap -0.5, we will provide you with Common Sports Betting Misconceptions to help you get started in the right direction.

Common Sports Betting Misconceptions

Speaking of online sports betting, there are lots of commonly held misconceptions and most of them have absolutely no basis in fact whatsoever. In this article, we will show two particular misconceptions that many bettors believe in. First of all, it is that sports betting is all about luck. You should know that anything you do in life including gambling forms involves at least some degree some of luck. But it is not the only factor in online sports betting. The more important is elements of skill. Betting skill help bettors make consistent profits and a bit of luck is certainly better.

The second misconception is you cannot win money at online sports betting. Remember that anyone can make money from playing sports bettingonline with the right approach. However, it is hard to win money consistently. We won’t pretend it’s easy because it requires bettors have to learn and get more experience.

Asian Handicap -0.5 explained

First of all, you should understand what is Asian handicap? It is known as the most favorite form of betting nowadays because of point spreads. In Asian handicap betting, the team which is predicted have more chance of winning will get Asian handicap -0.5 and the team which is expected to have less chance of winning will get Asian handicap +0.5. For example, there are two teams are Manchester United and Aston Villa. In Asian handicap -0.5 terms, -0.5 spread will be transposed for Manchester United and +0.5 handicap for Aston Villa. That means Manchester United should be winning by 1 goal or more. If the handicap in this case is -1.5, Manchester United will be winner by two goals or more.


Advantages of using Asian handicap -0.5

Look at the Asian handicap explained part above, you can see that Asian handicap offers a better chance of winning than conventional fixed odds betting or also known as 1×2. Because there is no chance of a tie, so your chance of winning will be 50/50.

Other advantage of Asian handicap is point spreads. It provides an advantage for the better by rejecting result of a draw and reducing the number of outcomes from three to two through Asian handicap -1,5 or -1,75.

The last, Asian handicap helps balance the ability of two teams, make the contest fairer.

There is no reason why you don’t try Asian handicap in online sports betting. Play now!


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