Asian Handicap -0.5 review

Originating from Asian, Asian Handicap now becomes the most favorite form of online sports betting. This betting form brings the thrill and excitement of conventional fixed odds when increase your winning chance from 33% to 50% by eliminating the possibility of the draw outcome. You can find a number of common Asian Handicap including -0.25, 0.25, -0.5, -.5, -0.75, 0.75, -1.0, 1.0, -1.25, 1.25, -1.5, 1.5, -1.75, 1.75, -2.0 and 2.0. And Asian Handicap -0.5 is a form of betting that occurs very often. So, what is Asian Handicap -0.5 and should you play it? Let’s consult our Asian Handicap review below!

What is Asian Handicap -0.5?

It is one of common odds of Asian Handicap betting and used popularly in football betting. As you know, a football match includes 2 teams are team giving and team receiving. Before the match start, Asian Handicap -0.5 is offered to team giving and other team will be 0.5. In sports betting online, Asian Handicap -0.5 levels up the opportunities of both two teams help bring close benefits to 2 teams. Look at the common Asian Handicap betting odds that I have mentioned above, you can see that Asian Handicap -0.5 is ideal to play with because it is not minimum but also not maximum. Therefore, betting with Asian Handicap -0.5 is more comfortable.


Example of Asian Handicap -0.5

Let’s better understand Asian Handicap -0.5 through our example between two teams are Manchester United and West Ham United. In Asian Handicap betting, a goal deficit is given to the favorite team meaning the team likely to win and in this example it is Manchester United (MU). And a head start is given to the team less favored to win meaning West Ham United. Therefore, MU will start with Asian Handicap -0.5 and West Ham United start with Asian Handicap 0.5. In the case if you place your bet on MU with $100. If final score between West Ham United vs MU is 1:0, you lose $100, but the final score is 0:1, you can win $120. That is reason why Asian Handicap -0.5 is favored.

Why should you play Asian Handicap?

The Asian Handicap betting now is fast taking Europe by lots of advantages. If you are fans of sports betting online, Asian Handicap is something you should try. Here are reasons why you should try this type of betting at least one time. The first thing everyone sees is that Elimination of Draw Option. You can only choose Home Team wins or Away team wins. This improves your chance of winning.

The seconds, Asian Handicap offers Better Price. You will get higher returns from Asian Handicap than traditional betting form.

The third, Asian Handicap secure you from the draw. With some odds, you will not lose out of your stake if there is a draw result in Asian Handicap. It will be returned in full or half in the case of split handicaps.

Hope the information in this article is helpful for you when play sports betting online. Good luck!

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