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Asian handicap betting is a great betting game, a great opportunity for you to get a larger number of money, a hot betting trend you should not miss. Every week, it attracts hundreds of thousands of new plays, and hundreds of thousands of plays back, always keep the top position on the charts and became the most popular betting game in the world. So in short, what different things of Asian betting games from other betting games? What you need to pay attention before joining it? In this article, I will help you with Asian handicap betting explained.

About Asian handicap betting

Asian handicap betting is a form of spread betting which creates a more level betting environment for sports, especially in football by giving a handicap to the teams before the match start. Handicaps in Asian handicap betting can be either good or bad and this is expressed by the figures as -1.0 or +1.0. On the other hand, in Asian Handicap betting, there is no draw. So, if you want to get more and more benefits, you should pray for the team that you bet will win with plenty of goals. There is one more thing you should know, Asian handicap betting originated in Indonesia and in the process of betting, goal deficits are given to the team which have a higher possibility of winning to ensure to make sure that betting is fair for the match. Today, anyone who is passionate about football, betting enthusiast or passionate about both, are involved in this addictive genre.


Asian handicap betting explained

The simplest way of understanding about Asian Handicap betting explained is it is quite similar to normal other Handicap betting games, but in Asian handicap betting, bookies will only give you lower odds than others normal Handicap betting to eliminate the possibility of a draw by giving a refund in the event of a draw. More specifically, if you were to bet on a Handicap of Home Team -1 and an Asian Handicap of Home Team -1, and the Home Team won the match by 1 goal, you would lose your bet and your money with the normal Handicap bet, but get a refund with the Asian Handicap bet.

On the other hand, in essence, Asian Handicap betting reduces the possible number of outcomes from three to two, with the Draw option resulting is the stake being come back.

Asian handicap betting odds

In Asian handicap betting, there are many odds for you to select before the kick – off. There are types of Asian handicap 0:0( it means never ball – draw no bet), Asian handicap 0.25, Asian handicap 0.5, Asian handicap 0.75 and the last is Asian handicap -1. So, before you decide to choose any odd, you need to think carefully, just select the odds which you are willing to pay and suit your money pocket.

In short, Asian handicap betting is an interesting kind of betting and it suits your interests and your passion for football. So don’t hesitate any second, join now!
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