Asian handicap betting

Betting is also considered as a large investment, but there are risks, but if you have the skill and a little luck, you can win these incredible profits from it. There are many kinds of betting for you instead of only one kind like many people think. Among his betting categories, Asian handicap betting is the most interesting betting kind which can help you earn more than you can imagine.

What you should know about Asian handicap betting?

First appeared in 1998, in an interview between a journalist: Joe Saumarez Smith and Indonesian bookmaker, up to this point, that phrase: Asian handicap betting has become popular and been widely known in the world and it is considered as the most popular form of football wagering which will give you the big chances to earn a lot of money if you play effectively. Different from European, with Asian handicap betting, are also not always understand the meaning of these numbers. It is worse if you bet with Asian handicap betting without grasping the meaning of them. Your judgment can be won, but lost because the result you bet wrong. So, because of this reason, then, I will give you some explains about it which can help you play better.


Some conventions

The team is considered more powerful will have recorded a minus sign before the ball handicap like: -0.5, -1 or -1, -1.5 etc.

The rest team is considered weaker and recorded a plus sign before the ball handicap like +0.5, 1 or + 1, + 1.5 etc.

Good points of Asian handicap betting

There are many interesting things, amazing prizes waiting for you in Asian handicap betting. First, there are various odds. This game gives you a lot of suitable odds as: Asian handicap 0 ball (0), Handicap line 0,0.5 ball (1/4), Handicap line 0.5 ball (1/2), Handicap line 0.5,1 ball (3/4, Handicap line 1 ball, etc. with each odd, you will get certain amount. With each different odd, you will receive a different amount if you predict the correct score. However, therefore the amounts you have to bet are also much or little different, so you should consider carefully to spend the least money, but you can still win the biggest victory.

Second, Asian handicap betting is the most favorite form because the draw result is eliminated. So, if your odds are 50%, this means you will have 50% chance of winning. And because it is a game of chance, so you can not predict what will happen? and chance of winning of the players are the same. The unpredictable factor makes the game increasingly exciting and thrilling.

The last, Asian handicap betting give you the higher odds than other countries. So this is the good chances for you to get huge value amount and chance life. Let’s bet, wait and win.

In summary, Asian handicap betting is a good selection for you to bet. More than normal betting game, it also gives you the most attractive betting moments and high value prizes to get rich quickly. Let’s begin now!

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