How To Bet On The Sports Betting Lines NBA ( Part 2)


When it comes to sports betting lines NBA, many people make bets on futures that is a very broad category. With futures, you bet on the likelihood that something will happen—you predicted it—at some point in the future. So, the moneyline, point spread, and total are all short run bets referring to nightly action and particular matchups. Futures are long-term bets on bigger questions like “Who will be the winner of the NBA championship?”

 These odds are refreshed and updated during the entire year. As teams do well, their odds would improve. If a team seems to be stuck in a slump, or if something wrong happens, like key players injured, their odds will become worse.

How To Bet On The Sports Betting Lines NBA ( Part 2)

How To Bet On The Sports Betting Lines NBA ( Part 2)

 Futures odds can be shown in a couple of various ways. The betting odds may be shown in the American fashion, like +300, +400, +2500, +5000, and so on. They can also be indicated in ratios, such as 3/1, 4/1, 25/1, and so forth. In this case, it is still easy to understand. Let’s say that the Cleveland Cavaliers’ odds to win the NBA championship are determined at 3/1, the San Antonio Spurs at 4/1, the Miami Heat at 25/1, and the Boston Celtics at 50/1. The smaller the first number is, the more likely they are expected to be the winners. So in this case, the Cavs and the Spurs are among the favorites to win, whereas the Heat and Celtics are long shots. If the Heat went on a winning streak partway through the season, though, their odds can be improved.

 The first number shows how much money you could win for every increment of the second number you bet. When you make your bet, the odds are locked in wherever they were at that time. So, let’s say that you wager on the Heat at the beginning of the season, and their odds were 25/1. In the middle of the season, even though, they go on an unexpected winning streak, and their odds enhance to 10/1. Since you already put in your bet, though, you still get your bet locked in at odds of 25/1. At the end of the season, if the Heat won the championship, then you could win $25 for every $1 you initially bet.

 When you bet on futures, there are more choices than just the championship. You can bet on who will gain a division, who will get a conference, or on just about anything you hope to happen. You may not even bet on a team you hopet to do well. A sportsbook may predict that a team will gain at least a certain number of games. If you believe that team will do worse than guessed, you can wager that they will not hit that number. There are some types of futures bets to satisfy many numerous tastes with sports betting lines NBA.

Prop Betting Options

Prop betting is getting a very common option for sports bettors. The term “prop bet” is short form for “proposition bet.” and can refer to any bet that is not directly based on the final result of a game. Most primary sportsbooks launch a number of distinctive sports betting lines NBA odds for games a few hours prior to tip-off.

 There are many various types of prop bet. To be honest, a prop bet can be made on just about anything an oddsmaker can think of. Some, of course, are more popular than others. Here are a few to take into account:

Individual player performance

Some prop bets are based on an individual player’s performance. For instance, a sportsbook may ask the question, “How many points is Dirk Nowitzki going to score this game?” They will then detemine a line, let’s say 23 points in this instance. Bettors can then place an over / under bet based on that number. Moneyline odds are aslo applicable. Rebounds in a single game, 3 pointers, and other similar statistics are also choices for prop bets. This can be an over / under on how many an individual player achieve, or it can be a bet on who will gain the most.

Team performance

Much like prop bets on individual performance, there are also prop bets on how well the whole team will do. Instead of keeping an eye on the number of rebounds a particular player gets, these bets note how well the whole team does. So, for instance, instead of looking at the number of rebounds or free throws Dirk Nowitzki gets over the course of the game, we look at the number of rebounds or free throws anyone on the Mavericks got.


At the start of the season, oddsmakers make a list which includes the players who they believe are the most likely to receive particular awards, like the NBA MVP Award or the Rookie of the Year Award. Each of the players on the list are going to be given their own odds. If you believe the award will go to someone who is not on the list, you have the choice to bet the field. This is basically a bet which anyone who is not on the list will get the award. Normally, the field is made up of players whose odds to win are so unlikely that individually, the odds for them to win would be bad enough that it is not worth putting them on the list. Nevertheless, the odds that at least one of those players may win is quite higher.

Special events

Sometimes, events take place that focus on individual players. For instance, during the weekend of the NBA All-Star Game, players take part in several individual events, like the Slam Dunk Contest. Prop bets can be made on who will win, particular statistics, and so forth.

In the end, there are unlimited types of prop bets to make. The only limit is the oddsmaker’s imagination.


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