Betting Super Bowl 44

There was around $10 billion bet on Super Bowl 44, as well as every Super Bowl played  afterwards, and if you are reading this article, the odds are good that at least a few of those dollars belong to you.

Super Bowl 44

Super Bowl 44

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Wagering on the Super Bowl is known as a national pastime, as people who do not wager on any other sporting events often find themselves with a vested interest in the result of the game.

There are several different ways to bet on the Super Bowl, range from the always-popular office pools to friendly bets with friends, family, or coworkers, to betting through a sports book. We will look at many of the different ways, and  give some tips and recommendations to improve your chances.

Office Pools

The most common type of Super Bowl office pool is the box pool, also known as a square pool. It is a 100 square grid, where gamblers fill their names and then draw numbers for the corresponding squares.

The cost of these pools can vary from 25 cents per square to hundreds of dollars per square.

There is really no minimum or maximum cost, it is simply whatever the pool organizer believes is a cost to have the pool filled.

The best part about the 100-square pool is that it offers bettors the chance to win a lot of money for very low risk.

If you are having a Super Bowl party or attending one, you will probably see square pools floating about, and if not, you can make one quite quickly.

Box pools can also work for smaller gatherings by just using a low cost each square, so that people are more likely to buy more than one square.

The other common type of Super Bowl party pool for small gathering is to use 10 pieces of paper and label them 0-9 and draw for numbers. The combined score of the two teams determines the pool winner. If the score is 24-17 the bettor with the “1” could be the winner, whereas a 28-17 score sees the bettor with the “5” bringing home the money.

Point Spreads, Totals and Money Lines

The most popular bet on the Super Bowl will be point spread bets. With the point spread one team is favored by a number of points and have to win that game by at least that many points for its gamblers to win. If Team A is favored by 6 points, which will be written as Team A -6, Team A must win by 7 or more points for the people who bet on Team A to win their bets. If Team A were to win by 4 points, those who bet on Team A could lose their bets.

Totals will receive lots of bets, as well. Totals, often called over/unders, involves the combined score of both teams. The oddsmakers will post a number for totals bets. If the number was 50, bettors could bet that more combined points than 50 (over) will be scored or fewer combined points (under) than 50.

Money line betting involves strictly picking the winner of the game with no points involved. However, because one team is hoped to win, people who bet on that team will need to risk more than they stand to win to back the expected winner.

Proposition Bets

Maybe nothing captures the spirit of Super Bowl betting quite like proposition bets. Sports bettors can bet on everything from how long it takes to sing the National Anthem to the number of attempted field goals.

There are proposition bets added on a yearly basis, so there is no shortage of available options to gamblers.


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