Bookmaker Rules

Any type of activity is regulated by specific rules in the betting shops are no exception, and that to achieve success, you need to know these rules.

Most of the rules in BC are similar, the differences in those or other offices may be factors in the event of outcomes kinds, amounts maximum bid, ways to make money and receive winnings, etc.

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Rules betting bookmakers typically include:

  • General provisions
  • Basic concepts and terms
  • Main types of bets and outcomes
  • Rules betting
  • Features rates on a variety of sports and other events (betting, lotteries, casinos, etc.)
  • Terms of settlement rates and payments
  • Restrictions on the reception conditions Rates
  • Various special conditions

We will not describe in detail all the rules focus on the basic that need to pay attention in the first place.

Account funding and withdrawal of funds

Starting to play at the bookmaker must first pay attention to the replenishment system and withdraw funds. In many BC Withdrawal is only available in a way that you make money to your account, so you need to be defined in advance in what form will be added to your account. Also check whether there is a minimum deposit of BC threshold and will not be whether it is high for you. We also recommend to pay attention to the interest rate charged Bookmakers Commission when entering to the account and the maximum period during withdrawal.


Each bookmaker has its own rules of calculation in the case of non-standard situations, such as trauma of one of the athletes in tennis match. In this situation, every bookmaker offers its own version of the calculation of rates, to which you should certainly be ready. Also be sure to see most of the time is taken into account whether or overtime in the calculation of rates. Experienced players probably much more interested in the upper limit of interest rates, which in some bookmakers is too small for them. Many players use the betting with a handicap, and the various offices at different rates are calculated (or return loss).

What else to pay attention:

Admission rates are based on the previously published list of events available in the BC line.

The right to set the amount of the minimum or maximum bet is up to BC.

More often than not, made a bid cannot be canceled.

Any rate, except for Live bets can be made only to the beginning of the selected event.

Bookmaker has the right to refuse to accept bets without providing the documents in accordance with the requirements of BC, even if the player has made the funds to your account.

What and who do not like the bookmakers:

Many bookmakers are trying to protect themselves from financial losses associated with certain actions of unscrupulous players. The network is easy to find descriptions of these tricks, but be aware that nothing but problems will not bring to BC. The most common types of game options are:

– Playing on the forks – a search for various events in BC, with the opposite outcome. In case of any outcome, the player is a winner. For this reason, the opening of BK offices smoking several gaming account.

– Hunt for bonuses – loyalty programs and a variety of methods to attract not passed and BC, which attract new players by offering bonuses, usually a cash deposit to a certain amount. The solid BK size of the bonus is decent enough, so there was a category of unscrupulous players who by opening multiple accounts and certain ways of playing, trying to withdraw a bonus granted.

Thus, before you start to play, make money on the game account, you need to carefully study the rules of the BC and later to check periodically for the presence of any changes.


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