How to Choose an Online Sportsbook

Sports gamblers today have their choices of hundreds of various online sportsbooks to pick up. Some are very good, whereas others must be avoided at all costs.


With a lot of sportsbooks out there, a gambler should spend some time finding the one which is suitable for them the best, based on their preference of play and what they think is the most important.

When finding an online sportsbook there are many details prospective customers should be aware of: financial status, betting ease, ease of making deposits and withdrawal, betting options/odds, and bonus programs.

Of these five things, financial status is the most important, as it does not matter how many bonuses a sportsbook gives you or how many wagering options are available if they do not pay you when you win.

Financial Status

A sportsbooks’ ability, and willingness, to pay off winners is by far the most crucial things prospective customers should know. Whereas it can be tough to find out the bottom line of a sportsbooks’ financial standings, there are certain things to find out.

The number of years the sportsbook has been in business is a good beginning place. A sportsbook which does not pay off its losses will soon be known in the sports betting world and will have difficulty adding customers.

Prospective customers can also look at different  independent sportsbook rating websites, such as, to get extra input on a specific sportsbook. You may want to sign up through an affiliate like BetToday, who will take up your cause in the case of any disputes. Also, do not be afraid to ask other sports gamblers where they play and whether they are satisfied with their sportsbooks.

Wagering Ease

Betting ease does not have quite the importance it did years ago, when there were some extremely hard to use websites out there. Most sportsbooks have simple, easy to use software for you to place your bets.

Most sportsbooks allow you to take a “test drive” of their site before your signing up for an account, so spend a few time and make sure you are comfortable with the wagering process.

Ease of Making Financial Transactions

This one is for residents of the United States, who are more likely to run into deposits and withdraws problems than residents of other nations.

A lot of sportsbooks use their own financial processors and can generally take credit card deposits, whereas others will often see credit card deposit attempts rejected by your banks.

Many sportsbooks will talk about their success rate somewhere on the website, so spend a few moments looking at. Remember, it is in the sportsbooks’ best interest for your deposits to go through, especially since bettors are likely to just go to other sportsbooks rather than going through the trouble of using some type of money transfer or money wire.

Betting Options/Odds

Wagering options are probably the second most crucial aspect of choosing a sportsbook, trailing just financial status. Having an account with a sportsbook which does not offer lines on what you would like to bet is just a waste of time and money.

Most sportsbooks will let you see odds on the games they accept bets on, so explore the web site before making deposits. Bovada is known to have higher point spreads on many games than other sportsbooks, so if you like to bet underdogs, it is a good option for you.

If you want to bet on European hockey games and the sportsbook you are looking at joining does not accept bets on European hockey, it is easy to find another which will.

Depending on how much you bet on a game, betting limits would also fall under the wagering options category, as a $2,200 a game college basketball player would not be wise to open an account a sportsbook which has a bet limit of $1,000 on college basketball.

Likewise, the same would hold true for smaller bettors, who could possibly run into the reverse trouble of not betting enough to meet the sportsbook’s minimum bet.

Bonus Programs

This is one of the most important things for a number of bettors, who like the concept of free money, which is not a bad thing.

Nearly every sportsbook will provide some incentive for new customers, which in many cases is 20% of your first deposit, and the majority of places will add 10% to any extra deposits. Some restrictions may apply, for example, bonuses are only given on non-credit card deposits, so make sure you read the fine print with any sportsbooks.

The process of choosing an online sportsbook is not always an easy one, but by spending a few minutes before you sign up, a sports bettor can save much of aggravation down the road.

Do not be afraid to ask others who they bet with and if they would suggest them to somebody else, and more importantly, spend time searching for a sportsbook’s willingness to pay. If a sportsbook has a history of non-payment, it is unlikely to change in the future.

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