Some explanation about the Asian Handicap -0.5.

Asian Handicap -0.5 gambling, as the name implies initially from Asia by bookies who serve a better opportunities of winning than conventional fixed odd gambling. The popularity of this form of gambling which has began in Asia has spread to the West, especially in the UK, with many bookmakers catering for this sort of gambling in the internet. A sort of gamble where one team is provided a gamble make the odds of betting the handicap around even and the odd of not beating the handicap around evens. Common in Asia.

Asian Handicaps -0.5 versus Fixed odds gambling

With Asian Handicap gambling (called Hang Cheng as well), it removes the possibility of a draw result. The perceived weaker group will get a handicap from the bookies to balance the benefits so that is an equal probability for every team to win the game. There will be just two outcomes for the gamble, “home win” or “away prize”. “Handicap” means that a perceived weaker team has get a virtual head beginning, effectively leading the game with ¼ goal, ½ goal, ¾ goal, 1 goal, 1 ¼ goal and so on. There are probably some confusing terminology, for example half-gamble (1/2 goal), and quarter gamble (1/4 goal). It will be explained thoroughly in this post.


Pros of Asian Handicap -0.5

You remove the possibility of a draw result, raising your main winning opportunity from 33.3% to 50% in a single game.

Basing on the handicap you can win your gamble even if the team you gamble on do not win the game.

You can gamble on a team you believe will lose the game, but due to a big handicap you can still win the gamble. Typical here is as the favourite team wins the game with only one goal.

As following the match ‘online’, tension is high because the fact that a single goal can take you from losing to winning (or the other way around).

As you put multiple gambles (accumulator), the number of available outcomes is much less than in fixed benefits (home/draw/away gamble. For example, a treble gamble, where all 3 options have to be correct). The number of outcomes is 2 x 2 x 2 = 8. With fixed odds gambling the number of outcomes is 3 x 3 x 3 = 27.


Pros of Fixed Odds

A very high number of book makers to select from.

Bankers. It is available to do sport betting online on “sure” games, which likely to be reasonable for an accumulator.

Bigger odds on outsiders (underdogs).

Much simply to find value gamble. You just need home-draw-away estimations, in Asian Handicap -0.5 it is required that you are capable of predicting exact results

Conclusion about Asian Handicap -0.5

I expect with the explanations above, punters can have a general sight how Asian Handicaps works. Can this sort of gamble boost the opportunities of winning? Some would say yes, some say maybe. To gamble on Asian Handicaps or stick with conventional Fixed Odds gambling, the option is yours.

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