Finding an Edge in Sports Betting

This article is for some people who want to know how we possibly can recommend multi-unit bets on the NHL awards.

The rationale was simple. We strongly believed we had big advantages over the sportsbooks and we were granted with six units of profit for the night.

One reason we believed that was that we were offered more time on hockey in this past season than in previous years, and for the most part we did quite well with our hockey bets.


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The concept of specializing in one or two sports is one that is growing in the sports betting world, mainly because people see good results from those who do exactly that.

Many bettors will concentrate on some sports, whereas other bettors will limit themselves to either professional or college sports. Other bettors will take that another step and pay their attention to some conferences, typically the smaller ones which do not get nearly as much press as the bigger ones.

Non-Mainstream Wagers

Another way bettors can find a decent advantage is by looking at the non-mainstream bets which are available. These could practically be expanded to cover baseball and hockey, which receive far fewer bets than football or basketball, however, we referred to things like proposition bets, the WNBA, AFL, etc.

Professional sports bettor Mark Franco gives readers some profitable Super Bowls with his proposition bets, and the NHL awards are an example of looking for a solid advantage in a non-mainstream manner.

Some bettors combine the first 2 methods by specializing in the non-mainstream sports. While it is not ensured that spending hours handicapping the WNBA will help bettors to be rich, those who do so are more likely to make a profit at the end of the season than those who spend all of their time on handicapping the NBA or college basketball.

Do not panic to look at bets which are not getting much attention from the betting public. Many times you will find your most profitable opportunities with the sports which are not followed by the majority of the betting public.

Betting the WNBA

Sports bettors are on the lookout for another opportunity to make a bet and a number of them have turned to the WNBA the past few years. The WNBA does have some things going for it, at least from a betting standpoint.

For beginners, there are only twelve teams in the league, making keeping track of the teams easier than the NBA. With so few teams in the league, there are lots of games played against each other, offering bettors the opportunity to check previous match-ups, revenge games and look ahead contests

Many sportsbooks offer side and total betting on the WNBA, even though some don’t allow parlays or teasers. Competition among sportsbooks has quite much eliminated those who don’t offer exotic betting, but there are still a few who don’t.

Can It Be Beat?

The key question sports bettors may ask is if the WNBA can be beat. The answer at least based on the past few seasons would be yes, even though like most sports, it is probably a little harder to win now than it was in 2010 or 2011, which is really the nature of the sports betting beast.

The simplest way to check whether a sport can be beaten by sharp bettors is just to check the bet limits allowed by sportsbooks. The more a sportsbook considers a sport beatable, the lower the betting limits will be. That is the reason why the biggest bets are offered on the NFL and some of the smaller limits are in college basketball totals.

Follow The Money

There are some handicappers out there who spend much time researching the WNBA, although not all of the touts are good at it. You have those who provide the WNBA strictly as a marketing tool, while others provide WNBA selections in hopes that bettors will believe they do. After all, so few people research the WNBA a sports service who does should be able to show a decent profit, right? Naturally, that is not true, but it does show you the logic behind sports service. We are hesitant of any service which does more than the major sports, which is time consuming enough. However, when you add the WNBA, soccer, boxing, mixed martial arts, etc to the equation, you need to wonder how much they actually have for handicapping and after promotions and that sort of thing.

Bettors who follow the big line moves expect to be close to the break even percentage of 52.38. They key is getting those numbers when they start to move and not after. If a game moves form Minnesota -3 to Minnesota -5.5 you want Minnesota -4 at the very worst. Waiting until the game moves to 5.5 will hurt you in the long term.


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