Frequent mistakes and reasons for loss money of sport betting

Deciding that sports betting will become a source of income (just added, and further basic), take it as an axiom: you no longer work for the excitement, and it works for you. The knowledge, analysis, skill forecasting and professionally dealing matter, the rest – is immaterial. Simply put, you want to win – like sports, live it and strive to learn new things.

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5 reasons for loss of money on sports betting in bookmakers:

  1. The rate under the influence of emotions

People often wish crazy win, bet on your favorite team, regardless of its shape and the prospects for the game. Using verified sports betting strategies and being replaced by a sober analysis of the emotions, and even worse – a pseudo-logical explanation why this time “smart bet” win-win, and the team must win. Rate carried out under the influence of the thirst to win the people in the sports bar.

  1. My favorite bookmaker.

His box is close by, at a nearby bar. Bad odds and terrible reviews neighbors are not important. In this closed eyes.

People are too lazy to walk to the next office. Internet players are less common. We have close friends begging to see rates at other online bookmaker.

  1. The game show on TV.

No knowledge of teams, either good analysis. “This is a game show on TV in 1 hour! Win as soon as possible, making a win-win bet! “

  1. Unknown command.

Sports betting on the team, which did not know anything, is not a smart way to make money, and a dangerous distraction for the purse. Despite the foregoing, so many visitors spend leisure bookmakers.

  1. Too big bet.

Bank management – not for the super-steep forecaster, as I! “- usually referred to pronounce the phrase before the last rate in the career of a young privateer. He puts over the Internet your entire bank on one game and loses.

Debrief. Are you doing all right?

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3 frequent mistakes in sports betting

Error №1:

After an unsuccessful online sports betting, it is a good time to relax. Go for a walk, return, and view Statistics to work on the bugs and to reflect on strategies. Perhaps you need 1-2 to miss the Tour Championship.

But no! Upon learning that the rate is missing, the hero takes off and runs to the bookmaker with the desire to win. Does the new rate. And play again.

The circle is closed. Escape from it difficult. It is much easier to lose everything. When you win and earn, stop! Do not bet on the day following the loss. Wait for some time.

Error №2

You win or lose, and are dominated by emotions. Your intelligent (rational) part is fast asleep => should stay away from the bookmaker.

Why bookmakers all over the world love to take bets in bars rather than through the Internet? Alcohol is not to blame. Human psychology: people are relaxed and are subject to emotions. They do not have time to get a drink, but do crazy bet, considering them to win-win.

Error №3

You are a fan? I am a basketball fan. My favorite team is CSKA. Shall I put on the games with her participation? Probably not. I love this team.

When we talk about your favorite team, our emotions slowly turn off the mind. And really appreciate the team’s strength, which we wish to win over the heart, we cannot, and so do the smart bet to make and is not threatened.

It will be correct to miss the game. Especially if the team meets with strong rival or match is very important. It is too simply wishful thinking, and to pay for the mistake.

Avoid errors. Study Team. Take online sports betting right and your life as a professional player is not in danger.


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