Fun Ways to Wager the World Series

Major League Baseball’s World Series might not quite generate the similar excitement or the revenue of the Super Bowl or the Final Four, however, it is still a big time for office pools, taverns and friendly gathers. Almost these events will involve having a bit of cash involved to liven things up and it is possible to win much for a little, which is never a bad thing.

Whereas many seasoned sports bettors tend to scoff at such things as office pools, they are among the best bets you can place from a business standpoint, as all of the money collected for an office pool will go to the winners. There isn’t any house take, such as there is for sports gambling, horse racing, casino games and nearly every other kind of wagering possibility there is.


Office Pools

Naturally, the size of the office you work in will play a part in deciding what type of pool you can have. The bettor running the pool would like to give everybody who wants a chance to take part in, but at the same time not be responsible for spending a large amount to fill up the pool.

The most popular office pool during the World Series is the World Series Box Pool which will be seen in offices, taverns and other places.

Box Pool Variations

The one problem with the World Series box pool is that certain combinations have no chance to win. Imagine seeing that you have 9-9 in a box pool and know the only way you can win is if one team defeats the other 19-9.

To make it fair for those who will get stuck with 3-3, 6-6, etc., you can announce the pool final at the end of nine innings. That will give everybody a better chance of holding the winning square. While it is still unlikely that a person holding 8-8 will win, it is certainly better than needed an 18-8 ballgame.

In my opinion, the pool will pay out 50% after nine innings and the remaining 50% when the game is final. The majority of the time it is going to be the same person who wins both halves of the pool, but gives those with duplicate numbers a chance of bringing home some money in games that go to extra innings.

Pool for hits rather than runs, or the total linescore (runs plus hits plus errors) are other ways to run pools which do not penalize the 10% of the people who will hold duplicate numbers.

The 10 Slip Pool

For smaller offices or small home parties, 100 squares might be too many to fill, so a smaller pool may be in order. The easiest way to do that is to simply write down the numbers 0 through 9 on slips of paper and draw numbers.

The bettor who holds the number of the two teams’ combined score will be the winner. If the game is over 10 total runs, the last number of the combined final score is used. (If the game ends 7-5 the bettor with the number “2” would be the winner, whereas the person having the number “4” would win if the final score was 8-6.

For Smaller Groups

If there are just some people and they are all fans of the same team it is unlikely they will be able to get one person to bet their favorite team. But if they still want a little extra rooting interest, two fans of the same team can bet on if the final score will be an odd or an even number, if the total number of hits is an odd or even number, whether there will be more strikeouts, groundouts or flyballs, the number of times the Red Sox are mentioned and a whole lot more. There is really no limit to the number of ideas you can come up with.

Finding an Edge

Although you may be betting against your friends and co-workers, you still want to win and there is nothing wrong with that. If you would like to get every edge you can, wait until the World Series teams are determined and look at different sportsbooks, like The Greek and see what the odds are on the proposition bets they offer. When you know the odds the sportsbooks have, look for those who will happily bet against you taking the worst of the sportsbooks odds. While you still may not win your bet, you should have the best of it in the long term. The sportsbooks will also offer you more ideas of potential bets you and your friends might not have thought of.

Since proposition bets involve the money line be sure you are familiar with that concept before looking at the sportsbook odds.

Have fun and good luck.


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