It is important to list pitchers for betting purposes

One of the most obvious advantages which baseball bettors have is the ability to say that the listed pitchers for a game must start for the wager to be valid. In hockey, you aren’t permitted to state that the No. 1 goalies for each team must start for your wager to be in force and there is a huge difference between having a good sized wager on the New York Rangers and finding out Anti Raanta is between the pipes as opposed to Henrik Lundqvist.

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The beginning pitcher in a baseball game has great influence on the outcome as any players in professional sports. The Seattle Mariners may be -120 on the money line with Felix Hernandez pitching, however,  Seattle may be +140 with any of their other starters on the mound against the same opponent and starting pitcher.

For those who do not typically bet on baseball games, a wager with the qualifier that “listed pitchers” must start means that the expected possible pitchers for both teams must start the game or the bet is canceled and the bettor’s money is returned.

A lot of online sportsbooks lets you state “listed pitchers” which means that the two starters named must throw at least one pitch for the bet to be valid. If you are betting at a Nevada sportsbook, you can state “listed pitchers” when you make your bet.

While some sportsbooks automatically give you the listed pitchers choice, but it never hurts to verify and ensure that you have the starting pitcher which you want.

Action Wagers

The other type of baseball bet is known as “action” and means the bet is in effect no matter who the starting pitchers are. Some online sportsbooks lets you specify an action bet, even though there really is not a legal reason to do so. One reason you make a baseball bet is that you feel you have an advantage in the pitching department, at least as far as your team versus the opposing pitcher in comparison with the opposing team against your pitcher.

If there is a late pitching change, usually you will lose that advantage, as the replacement starter is always worse than the pitcher expected to start the game. The fact that the bettor also has to use the odds of the expected pitcher and it is not a win – win situation.

In the instance with the Seattle Mariners above, there isn’t any reason to take Seattle -120 with a different pitcher than Felix Hernandez as the true odds on the game would be much closer to the Seattle +140 after the pitching change is declared.

For totals and run line bets, most sportsbooks have the “listed pitchers must start” rule in effect and the gambler is not allowed to change that. So if the sportsbooks know the importance of making sure the listed pitchers must start, bettors are wise to follow suit.

Granted, late pitching changes do not happen often and it is possible for bettors to go some years before one of their wagers is influenced, but when it does happen the bettor is typically at a great disadvantage before the game starts.

Listing starting pitchers is typically an easy process at many online sportsbooks and involves one extra step before submitting your bet, but will pay off in the long term.


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