A Look at Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada can trace its beginnings back to 1995 when it was the ever popular Bodog race and sportsbooks. After the United States government seized its domain name, Bovada came into play to service the United States wagering market and the Bodog brand now services the rest of the world. As with most sportsbooks, Bovada does not limit bettors to only sports betting, but provide the whole array of casino games, horse racing and poker.

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Bovada develops a solid reputation over the past 4 years as a sportsbook which makes good on its obligations. They may not be the fastest paying sportsbook around, however, they still get payments done pretty quickly and most bettors do not mind waiting an additional day or two for the added comfort of knowing that your money will be paid soon.

Bovada just underwent a major facelift on the site, giving it a sleeker look that bettors are sure to enjoy, while not losing any of the functionality which make the previous site so common.

The change was not only cosmetic, as the new site also provides much superior live betting capability.


Financial Transactions

Deposits are easy, because Bovada accepts both credit card deposits and Rapid Transfer, which is the same as Moneygram. There are no charges for your first credit card deposits, but subsequent deposits will carry a 4.9% charge for Visa and 6.9% charge for using MasterCard. Deposits should be between $20 and $1,000 for a credit card and between $100 and $650 for Rapid Transfer. Bettors receive one free withdraw each month and there is a $50 charge on extra withdraws made during a month.

Betting Limits

Bovada does not have the largest bet limits around, even though there are not that many people who bet more than $2,000 on an NFL side or $1,000 on an NFL total. Bovada’s betting limits are going to meet the demands of the majority of bettors and if you are a $200 to $400 type of bettor, it is highly unlikely that you will ever come into any problems.

A Square Book

Bovada is the ultimate square sportsbook and does not shy away from that designation. It is designed for recreational bettors and professional action                 isn’t wanted. As a consequense, the lines will be skewed towards the favorite in the majority of games and towards the public team nearly every time. Sharp bettors enjoy the lines, know they can often get the best of the odds at Bovada, but a little bit of common sense is needed. If you are wagering a few hundred each game and consistently gain the best of the odds and winning, you are probably going to be fine. But if you are betting the maximum amounts and consistently winning by making use of the numbers, you might find yourself having smaller limits set on your account or asked to take your business elsewhere.


Bovada is a good place for the majority of bettors. Over the years, they improve their payout times and with the new site are providing a much better live wagering platform, something that more and more gamblers are demanding.

One of Bovada strengths is that they provide a healthy dose of betting options, range from all the major sports to a complete line of entertainment relevant bets.

Bovada is designed for bettors looking to have fun and they do a solid job of catering to those bettors and will help them do exactly that.


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