A Look at TopBet Sportsbook

There is no doubt that it becomes more and more difficult for U.S.-based bettors to find outlets to play. From land based sportsbooks to online poker sites and casinos, the willingness of the FBI to get involved with closing companies which are situated in many countries has made a number online gambling websites bypass the United States market completely. One of my favorite sportsbooks, The Greek, does not accept bets from U.S. players any more, while some weeks ago, Intertops declared it no longer accepted U.S. players, which is often the first step in banning U.S. players altogether.

But while some sportsbooks disappear from the U.S. players, others are stepping forward, including the new TopBet, which is now starting its second year under new ownership.

TopBet Sportsbook

In this article I would like to refer to the new TopBet, which is the best place to describe the sportsbook. At one time TopBet was under the FutureBet/GameTech/IGS umbrella, a sportsbook supplier which did not have the best of reputations.

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But since the new ownership team took over the domain, it is hard to find fault with what they have done in their first year.

One of the first things the new owners did was to bring in a new management crew, including some who have experience with some of the largest online sportsbooks around. To the average bettors this may not seem like much, but it is worth knowing that when the TopBet managers were at their old establishments, the reputations of those sportsbooks were better than they are now.

TopBet is registered by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles.


Customer Service

TopBet also brought in a new team to manage customer service, including handling payments and payouts, which are all processed by TopBet and player account details aren’t disclosed at the cashier level. Third party payment processors are used to deduct the money from the credit card or mail checks to bettors. The third party processors used to make the final transaction are also the same used by BetOnline, Bodog, SBG Global and other big US sportsbooks.

TopBet has one of the best credit card acceptance rates around, average 78%, while the industry standard is much closer to 40%. The company stated many of the failures are because of players submitting incorrect information, such as an old address or different names on the bettors’ account and credit card.

The Site

TopBet leases its main betting platform from GameTech, but owns all updates and add-ons, which are done in house. The site itself is obviously a strong point, as it is simple to navigate and very user friendly. Bettors have the choice of getting an e-mail receipt of their bets, which is a nice feature.

TopBet offers a 10 cent line on baseball, which is a must for any serious sports bettors and as an added bonus, often shades the line ever-so slightly towards the favorite, which is great for underdog bettors.

TopBet also offers a complete array of events to bet on, from the major sports to cricket and many of others.


A lot of players are keen on sportsbook bonuses and the new TopBet has a solid program, including a 50% bonus on your beginning deposit and 10% thereafter. A number of promotions, like free bets on some events and increased parlay and teaser odds on football Friday nights are available as well.


If you are a U.S. bettor finding a sportsbook or another outlet, you should pay attention to TopBet.


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