How to make money on sports betting and online casino?

You are reckless? Versed in football, basketball, tennis and other sports? Do you like to play poker, blackjack or roulette? In this article you will find some tips on how you can make money on sports betting lines with bookmakers and online-casino. This is a very risky kind of earnings, but there are some options for how you can increase your chances of winning in the betting and online casinos. So, you ready to learn how to win at betting more? Want to know how at the rate of 20 dollars to win more than 20 000 dollars?! Then read the article below!

Get started sports betting

To get started find out what exactly is a tote? Tote – a service that accepts bets on certain events (originally it was betting on horse racing and racing). Bids players form the prize pool from which winnings are paid at Guess event.

About bookmakers

Bookmaker – a place where the accepted bets on sporting events and paid remuneration for correctly guessing the outcome of the sporting event. The coefficients of the possible wins established bookmakers in advance and adjusted depending on the activity of players and other events. The amount of your winnings if you correctly guess the event will be the amount of your bet, multiplied by the factor (for example, the coefficient on the winning team – 2.2, you put 100 dollars your team wins and you get a 2.2 * 100 = 220. rub.)


What you need to know to win at betting more often and less likely to lose?

A perfect win-win strategy is, of course, no. But in any case, betting on sports you must adhere to some rules. There are several techniques to reduce the risk of losing at sports betting. Tell us about them below!

How to calculate the amount of the bet?

Suppose you have a specific bank, and you do not know how to put on a specific event. We use the criterion Kelly – a kind of financial strategy of rates. With this strategy, you can determine the size of rate as a percentage of the value of your money. For this use the following formula: C = (k * V-1) / (k-1),

 k- where it bookmaker factor;

V- evaluation event player;

C – the size of the coefficient of the next bet.

How to use the Kelly criterion to determine the size of the bet? For example, your bank – 1000 dollars, the coefficient of the bookmaker on the victory of your team 2.3 Your rating outcome events 0.5 -. That is, with a probability of 50% of you believe that this team will win. Then, according to our formula will calculate the amount of the bet: (2.3 * 0,5-1) / (2,3-1) = 0.115 – size factor bets. Multiply the resulting ratio of our Bank (1000 * 0.115 = 115) – conclusion to the event with a coefficient of 2.3 with 50% confidence that this bet will win, we can supply 115 dollars.


Due to the complexity of determining the exact outcome of the events are not many players are at risk to use this strategy in real rates, since the events of the outcome of an overestimation of the player will lose more money (this happens when put on your favorite team and assess its chances of winning is not entirely objective) and, conversely, when the underestimation – the player will not receive its real payoff.


Calculating the amount bet so when our true assessment of the results of the event, we will increase an average of 5% of the profits from the total amount of the bank. For a more accurate risk assessment we have to at least understand the sport, to watch the games of teams that are put in general be aware of all sporting events.

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