How to make sports betting online


The legality of sports betting online has always been a controversial issue. Some betting sites have stopped taking US customers. Nevertheless, there are still plenty of quality offshore operators that are willing to take your wagers and pay out your winnings.

Use These Sportsbooks

The key point in betting online is to attach to a reputable and reliable online sportsbook. Since online sports betting involves your cash moneys, it’s even more important to stay away from bad establishments and go with the trusted ones. Legends and 5Dimes are the online books we recommend.

There are others, certainly, but Legends and 5Dimes are the most similar to people who have won thousands of dollars via betting online. They both are given A+ rating by the independent enthusiast site Sportsbook Review for reasons such as having “friendly and efficient customer service” (Legends) and “having the most extensive choices of betting odds & wager types in the industry” (5dimes). Excellent customer service since you’ll find out as you sail deeper into the oft choppy waters of gambling online, is crucial. After all, they’ve got your money.

Overall, if you want to place a bet online, use Legends or 5Dimes. They’re as safe as you’ll find.

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Fund Your Account

There are two options, both of which might give you the feeling of a little icky. But both get the job done! According to the Legends representative, the best way to get money in your account was to use Western Union or Moneygram. The process is simple; just select money transfer service on each sportsbook’s deposit page, then Legends and 5Dimes will show you who and where to send the money to. Set up an online Western Union account, send your money, note the control number then plug it back on the sportsbook’s website to affirm the transaction. Your money will be loaded to your account after an hour. If you deposit more than $250, 5Dimes and Legends will waive the Western Union/Moneygram fee. How nice it is!

The second recommended payment method is to use a VISA credit card. I know that sounds a little bit scary but trust me here, these sites are professional. Using a credit card is sometimes preferable to Western Union and Moneygram because of the much lower minimum deposit and free-charge. A copy of your credit card (for authorization purposes) is required but once you clear that hurdle, you can deposit whenever you like. Note, the credit card option won’t work with 5Dimes if you live in Washington, Washington DC or Maryland since they don’t take credit card deposits from those states for legal reasons. It also means that if you’re from Washington, DC, or Maryland, you are probably more at-risk in terms of sports betting online.



This is an easy part. Now that you’ve got money in your account, just pick the game you want to lay down dollars for and bet away. Note: no take-backs and only bet what you can afford to lose.

Collect Your Winnings

Each site has different hurdles to jump through. Best option of Legends seems to be getting a cashier’s check sent to you. The site requires one free cashier check every 30 days ($55 for additional withdrawals), therefore, put yourself on a monthly withdrawal schedule to take benefits from the freebies. 5Dimes also sends a free check or money order every 30 days. Mark it in your calendar.

To be safer, take out your money monthly so it doesn’t rot away or you can bet more than you want. If you want to get more money, just deposit it again through Western Union or Moneygram. They’ll never stop you from depositing as depositing is always easier than withdrawing.

So, Are You Protected?

The truth is that no one is absolutely certain. You should be fine if the way things are going, but if our government decides to block online sportsbooks like they did to online poker sites, it is high possibility that you’re going to get screwed, financially at least

The best precedent for all of this is when the sports betting online sites got shut down. The feds didn’t go after individual punters; they went after the gambling operators. Player deposits were blocked for a while but eventually returned. Any action against the sportsbooks would take the same route.

And if not, well, you’re gambling anyway, right?

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