Online Fantasy Sports Betting

Fantasy sports sites give you a chance of acting as an owner of a virtual sports team in a competitive environment. The aim of each game is to draft real world players and compare the scores of your team with the crews of other fantasy owners. Fantasy sports were released in the fifties, but it was the advent of the Internet which made them widespread and allowed all kinds of people to get to all the statistics necessary to estimate the outcome of the games without being made to rely on newspaper articles and printed guides.


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The modern fantasy sports are based around many websites which attract countless sports fans from all over the world, meaning that anyone that takes up this interesting hobby should not have any problems with finding other fantasy owners to play with. Even better, most fantasy sports sites permit you to compete for cash without violating any gambling laws as long as your local regulations do not prevent you from taking part in real money online skill games.

Betting Real Money

The fantasy sports games provided by early real money sites were not all that different from their pen and paper counterparts, as they required fantasy owners to draft teams which could not altered throughout the whole season. Obviously, this kind of long run approach was not best suited for online play, so the whole industry quickly moved to daily draft. As a consequence, the fantasy owners of today make their teams with a single day of action in mind, which allows for dynamic adjustments and does not prevent you from joining the top level competition if you make a mistake.

Joining a real money fantasy sports game is not different from joining a poker tournament, as all the players are asked to pay a small fee which contributes to the overall, pre-determined prize pool and covers the operator’s costs. Those buy-ins vary from $0.25 for casual games to $530 for high-roller contests. Each fantasy team is scored based on the real world performance of individual participants– once the game ends, the points which were accumulated that way are used to define the winner and payouts.

Game Types and Rules

To prevent all-star lineups, many real money fantasy sports games ask fantasy owners to draft their teams using limited resources. The prices of players are worked out based on real world results, meaning that becoming a successful fantasy sports player needs a serious handicapping effort – in fact, the best fantasy sports fans tend to be rather proficient when it comes to traditional sports betting. In addition, it is worth saying that each fantasy discipline has a different scoring system, so it is always a good idea to stick to what you know best.

In most cases, when you pick your fantasy sport, you will have several game types to select. If you would like to play without a salary cap, see how far you can get in a tournament bracket or try drafting players in real time, most fantasy sports sites have you covered. As you may expect, each game type requires a quite different approach, therefore, seasoned real money players intend to specialize, allowing them to improve their profits.

Popular Fantasy Sports

Although real money fantasy sports sites tend to appeal to million people, most operators prefer to stick to the common disciplines and major leagues, which should not be all that surprising because getting accurate data for local contests is difficult. In most cases, you can select between fantasy soccer, football, basketball, baseball, hockey and gold and draft players from leagues, including the MLB, NBA, NHL, CBB, CFB or NFL.

Fortunately, almost every site allows you try all the game modes no matter what the discipline you pick, which should be enough to keep any sports fans entertained for hours no matter what the stakes that you would like to compete on. In fact, it is almost always a good idea to begin with a few practice games before you actually put your hard earned money on the line, as the competition on some of the most common sites can get rather tough at times.

Is It Legal?

As briefly touched on above, playing fantasy sports is not considered gambling in most jurisdictions, meaning that playing real money games is completely legal for fans. For instance, the United States Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act states that fantasy sports sites are let to provide real money games to American citizens as long as the payout structure is not influenced by the fees and number of players.

Since most sites abide by those regulations, there is nothing to prevent US based fantasy owners from joining real money games. All things considered, fantasy sports fans do not worry about as many regulations as online casino aficionados or poker players, allowing them to deposit and withdraw to fantasy sports sites without worrying that the transaction will be blocked.


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