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Today, for many sports betting on the Internet has become one of the main sources of income. You choose the bookmaker and bet on the outcome of the upcoming sporting event. Bookmakers set their ratio, which is calculated based on the opinions of other participants in rates. If you make a correct prediction, after the completion of a match, you can get a large sum of several times the set, or stay without any money.

Different types of bets

To attract more customers, bookmakers offer very different types of bets. For example, in football you can not only put into the account, but also to predict how the match will be yellow and red cards, whether the outcome of the meeting will be decided in the basic or additional time, etc. Bookmakers try to make sure that the client can put almost any kind of sport, and some even take bets on the outcome of political events.

How not to lose money on bets

Put an open mind! You may lose money if you bet only on emotions. Often put on the team only because she loved, and not because a strong and well-played. Evaluate the possibility of an opponent, and not listening to the advice of friends make your bet based only on their own logic. Why do so many betting shops in St. Petersburg take bets at the sports bar? Because people here are relaxed and trusted more to the emotions than cold calculation.


No need to get hung up on one bookie

Do not be lazy to constantly scour the Internet in search of the offices, which are ready to offer favorable rates conditions, meet with the review, the only way you can earn good money in the sport. Do not bet on the team, which you can hear for the first time. You need to have a clear idea about the athletes that you “trust” their money. Also, you do not need to make too big bets, as if you were not sure of the outcome of the meeting. Risk – a noble cause, but the emotional calculations and the pursuit of a huge win can lead to the fact that you lost in the dust. It may be a clear favorite it is simply not in the best physical shape and lose the meeting.

How to start winning

When betting, you can certainly rely on luck and trust your instincts. But there are some rules, observing that you can increase the probability of winning.

Firstly, the rates should be done only to the sport in which you are familiar: you know the rules of the game, the nature of a particular judge, familiar with the capabilities of players. Before you start betting, collect all possible information about this sport.

Secondly, try as one league and the bet is it better to be learned. Keep track of the games, not missing a single one. This will increase the likelihood that you will make the right bet.

Third, started studying existing types of rates and choose the most suitable. If your bookmaker does not offer them, change the bookmaker. Look for someone who will offer a good rate and will faithfully perform their duties.

Fourth, do not forget to control your budget and never play with money borrowed. Before you start betting, learn to manage your money. You need to have a clear idea of how much money you have and how much you can afford to lose. And another, decide what percentage of capital you can risk per game. Beginners are advised that it is not more than 1-2% of the total. You will sooner or later lose, and you do not want to lose the whole pot was.

Fifth, put only when confident in the outcome of the game. If you do not know anything about the teams, but the bookmaker offers a high ratio, discard rates.

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