Sports betting surprising strategies

Bid strategy on sport by my followers

As you know I have a large number of subscribers, and I am with each of them in a very good relationship by helping them to earn on sports betting. One of my subscribers threw me that is such an interesting sport betting strategy on which I would like to put on your site. I can say with confidence that this is the best strategy for the rapid rate that I’ve seen for the last time and I send such strategies very often.

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We put the totals in football, any totals, 3-4 match to express! Cf should be in the range of 1.17 to 1.35!

You can put TB 1.5, you can put 2.5 TB, you can put all the main TM 4.5 to kp was in this range!

Then of course you need a little more intelligence, without it nowhere! See, for example, knock-team did not play poorly, then tm 3.5,4 or 4.5 Express train fit!

The Express put no more than 3-4 events that would have been 2 kp, well, or not much less!

The probability of such an express pass, and even with your analysis, is 70-80%, for example, express-plays catch up with the rate and put in 2 times more!

Take the pot for 3-4 catch up and you will be happy!

You can try to virtual balance of 10 000 ringgits to take initial rate of 500 ringgits, and will have 4 step Dogon, drained almost unreal, but you can have a good profit!

I like the strategy. It is very easy to use and does not require too much analysis! According to my subscriber that this strategy is generally designed for the live but apart from the live also proven successful in the game on the line, I laid out a strategy for the game on the line, but it is you can play and live! We recommend you the best betting strategies Sports on our website. This strategy has been used successfully even if you play by betting strategy for basketball. By the way one of my former students offered me the following new betting strategy that we had at the moment think win-win.

Bidding Strategy Football: Goal in the second half

An interesting strategy – on goal in the second half, is solely based on statistical calculations. Second Time is divided into three time periods:

  1. 45 min. 60 min.
  2. 60 min. 75 min.
  3. 75 min. for 90 min.

This strategy is not considered the first segment, and is taken into account only to the next two because they put odds on 2.00 at 3.50, which is considered high numbers.

How to apply the strategy goals in the second half

  1. Use only game where scoring goals.
  2. Bets are placed only when the game is no longer missed the 1st goal, and since the start of the 2nd half on the 60th minute goal was not scored.
  3. A large amount in a bank account, to scroll through the 8 rates doubling.

Strategy – Goal in the second half – relates to gaming strategies which are under betting strategies on our website. In no time, it doubles the amount of the bank. This strategy gives good results in matches with high rates. Patency of the strategy 70%, and can be done in two rates in every match. This betting strategy is only suitable for football betting, if you put on this betting strategy at basketball, you’ll be in the red.


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