STRATEGY BETTING ON HOCKEY: catching up on the draw

Each player knows that hockey game consists of three periods. For our strategy we are interested in every single period, but not the entire game as a whole.

The average rate for a draw in each period is about 2.50 – 3.00 at the beginning of the period. For our strategy to most effectively play on LIVE rate.

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  1. Dogon against a draw

Typically, the coefficient of the fact that a draw will not be shown is 2.50 – 3.00. First of all it is very important to know whether this game is available for LIVE betting line your bookmaker and therefore the first bet you should do at the beginning of the match in LIVE line thereby making sure that the bookmaker will offer such bets on this match later.

When betting against the Dogon type draw we have to make different types of bets. Bookmakers usually do not like it when players bet against anybody, the more and more on each individual period of the match. Therefore, we will put on a do not mind a draw, but for both teams, distributing the amount in such a way that, in any event win.

For example, take this game:

Sochi – 1.73 – Bet $ 10

Atlanta – 3.8 – Bet $ 5

If the first team to win, we get a profit of $ 2.3 has already given the loss in the second of our rates.

If the second team to win, we get $ 7.5 net profit, taking into account the loss of our first bet.

If during this period there will be a draw, we have to increase the amount of our rates. The downside of these rates is that the bid amount will have to increase very substantially, and if lost $ 15 and to repulse them, will need to make a bet with the amount of 30-50 $. Plus, this strategy is that it is easy to choose the precast teams who usually play rarely draw more than one period in the match.

  1. Dogon draw

For bets on the draw will catch up with the team we need defensive plan with a very weak attack that play very often on the draw. The main thing is to choose very equal teams. And usually draw in these matches are very popular phenomenon. With the calculation of rates here as well as the all easier is only one rate for one period. Dogon essence remains the same if you lose the first bet, we increase the amount bet on the second.

A major role in this strategy is the size of the pot because sometimes you have to do 7-8 consecutive increase. Therefore, if your bank does not allow you to do such a rate increase, this strategy will not be your best choice. In this case, we recommend that you get acquainted with the other policies on our site.

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