Super Bowl Office Pool Ideas

In terms of sports betting, there is the Super Bowl and then there is everything else. The same holds true for office pools. Whereas there are some interest in the World Series and NCAA Basketball Tournament, the Super Bowl reigns supreme and will attract an estimated $10 billion in all kinds of bets, from the traditional bets at various sportsbooks to friendly bets and office pools and everything in between.

Whereas most serious sports gamblers turn their nose up at the idea of office pools, I am always in the opposite side. As long as the bettor running the pool does not take any money out for themselves, office pools return 100% of the money they take it. Contrast this to horse racing, where roughly 80% of the money bet is returned to the winners, or casino games, where the return is in the 90-percent range, office pools do not look so bad and you do not have to bet lots of money to make profit if you win.

While it is true that luck is the deciding factor in office pools, the same can be said for most casino games and other forms of betting.


Decide What You Can Do

Naturally, the main factor that determines what kinds of office pools you can take depends on how large your office is. An office of eight people will not have nearly as many options as a factory of 75 workers, but that does not mean the smaller office can not have as much fun. It means that the winner of the smaller office will likely win less than the winner of the factory’s pool, however, this is offset because the people in the smaller office will have a bigger chance to win.

Square or Box Pools

The most common type of Super Bowl office pool is called the square pool or box pool and you can learn how to make one.

The disadvantage to the box pool is that you need to sell all 100 squares, this is quite tough for smaller offices and Super Bowl parties. One possible idea for smaller groups is to make a 25 square grid and then draw two numbers for every square. The concept then works similarly as it does for the 100 square box, you just do not need to sell as many squares.

The smaller box pool is ideal for Super Bowl parties and some places in which up to 15 people work, as there are usually some people who will buy more than one square.

Drawing Numbers

Another common method for the Super Bowl is simply writing the numbers 0 through 9 down on slips of paper and then getting everybody draw a slip of paper. The person holding the slip of the last digit of the two teams’ combined scores could be the winner. (If the Patriots win 23-13, the person with the number 6 would win the pool, etc.)

Number drawing is another way that works great for smaller gatherings and can be done quickly.

Predict a Score Pools

One way that is not used much, but can bring a great deal of fun are to guess a score pools, as they  make use of fact that most people will have a rooting interest in the game and they also allow for a bit of skill.

The concept is simple enough, as it only asks a person to choose the winning team and margin of victory. The person closest to the actual final margin wins the pool.

The easiest way is to simply use a sign-up sheet for people to write down the winner and estimated margin. While some people might not want to write down their selection early, which gives everybody else the chance of seeing who they have taken, use the stipulation that only one person can have a team winning by a margin, which is a bit of incentive for signing-up early. (If I select the Giants to win by 7, nobody else can use that prediction.)

If there is a tie you can either have the two people the closest split the pot or declare the first to sign-up as the winner, which is even more incentive to sign-up early.

Whichever way you use, be sure to clearly mention the rules before taking signups and let people know the rules beforehand to avoid any problems, which is good advice for any office pool.

Don’t be frightened of coming up your own ideas, as the number of various pools you can create is unlimited. As long as you have some willing participants, you can have a great deal of fun and with a bit of luck, come out on top.


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