Terms and capital management theory for sports betting

The main action for a serious and intelligent player before starting to bet on sports is identifying financial opportunities, risks and rules of the game. You need to know how much money is available for the game. How much can lose without changing the routine and habitual lifestyle.

The next stage is to determine the percentage of the capital allocated to risks in each bet. I recommend taking no more than 1% of the capital at stake. Advantage: You do not even knock out a long series of failures. For small amounts can increase the risk exposure of up to 2%, but it is necessary to carefully select the events.

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In theory and practice, there is no 100% guaranteed win-win strategy. Plugs (arbitrage transactions) and they carry a certain risk. Do not put all your money on a particular event. A couple of times you guess right, the third encounter failure.

Do not place any event, and choose carefully. Tips for beginners – concentrate on one sport, league or 1-2 teams. This strategy will not disperse attention and carefully select the information for analysis.

Remember! If you’re right> 50%, and do not risk more than 1% of the capital gains achieved. If you act recklessly, guaranteed to be burned!


How to choose the right and do the marque sports betting without thinking

I think this section is not worth reading, you will understand the strategies and understand how to win and where to put what we actually recommend that because forecasts for the sport and match-fixing – in varying degrees of extortion of money from other people’s pockets.

Kaper – man-forecaster, hinting on which teams or horses to bet without risk. This is a professional (or not) “smart” sports fortuneteller. Why does she need? To understand – better to think with your head, there is no win-win matches, cannot be other people’s brains to make more money than to receive, following his own forecasts.

By subscribing to the online newsletter of the marque, casts doubt on the personal ability to earn and expose personal finance considerable risk. Your adviser in principle no risk other than reputation, consisting of an email, contact or account in an unpretentious site. You risk your own money.

Tips how to reduce risk and make cooperation with privateer less sad.

  1. Look around

On the Internet, thousands of “experts” offers “the right advice at the rate” in the European football. Hundreds of other popular sports, are less common in the exotic – football and horse racing, an incredible number of them in the west. Do not stop until you find at least 10-20 privateers making online forecasts you are interested in the championship, and did not learn the reviews about them.

  1. Evaluate the story found privateers

Do not pay attention to statistics and exaggerated description of the strategy at the service site. “Specialists” slightly embellish statistics. You often read on the forums about the results of all the privateers, but afraid to drown in information.

  1. Many offer free advice. Take advantage of this offer.

The quality of advice is lower than the toll, on them really hard to win, but we can estimate how well thought marque, and, accordingly, to draw conclusions.

  1. Do not sign up immediately for the whole season

Buy a monthly subscription. Please rate the quality of work. you will have time to renew the subscription online before the end of the season, and if you’re lucky, manage to get a discount.

Remember subscribed, just follow the guidelines. If you will choose which events to bet on and which are not, as a result of risk being left without his pants, when the rest of the subscribers will be able to earn and buy the new car, but rather leave a response, and a wheelbarrow buy mailing organizer – a win-win theme.


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