Top countries offering legal betting in asia betting market

As an enticing and potential area, Asia now is the largest gambling market in the world with more than 60% of the world’s population living here. Millions of people around the world join asia betting market each year and this is considered as a global tendency and this trend is increasingly popular in using online casinos where allow gamblers to place a bet through computer or mobile phone with the help of internet and technology. If you want to gamble in Asia, consult top list of following countries.

Speaking of Asia gambling market, I am sure that all of you think about Macau immediately, right? Yes, it is center of Asia’s multi-billion dollar gaming industry. But, nowadays, you will find a series of countries where online gambling is legal and you can comfortably gamble.


As a country with a 60% Muslim population, gambling activities in Malaysia have to obey certain rules such as you must be non-Muslims and from 18 years old and above. That means both the local Muslim population and Muslim tourists that visit the country cannot take part in gambling in this country no matter at land based casino or online casino. In Malaysia online casino, you can find all kinds of popular casino games such as live casino games, slots, baccarat, roulette, poker or sports betting games, even online lottery. You surely can join online casinos in Malaysia from everywhere over the world if you meet the terms and conditions.  



Macau is the epicenter of the asia betting industry and the most attractive casino destination in the world. It is known as center of entertainment with many gambling activities at land-based luxury casinos. Unlike other countries in Asia region, land-based casinos in Macau are more popular with hundreds of casino games including sports betting, and poker. Macau does not license online gaming operations, but online gambling is not forbidden, so don’t worry about anything.


There are many forms of betting in China, but they are not tracked down by the authorities and most of online casinos in Chine mostly illegal. There is only Chinese Sports Lottery has a monopoly with betting forms like sports betting, lottery, poker, and various slots. Most of big players in China prefer to travel to Macau where land-based gambling activities are allowed.


In asia betting market, Philippines is a relatively mature market with lots of forms of gambling available. In this country, there are two distinct regions for gambling purposes. But you only need to know the state-owned Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. This is the sole authorized gambling operator in this country which operates all land-based and online casinos.


Just recently, gambling, especially online gambling truly increased popularity in Singapore when the new Remote Gambling Act came into effect that allows online gambling services which provided by local non-profit operators in this country. That means gambling in Singapore is controlled by government and you can join this market to be guaranteed your betting returns.

Above are top list of countries that famous for gambling activities in Asia. Choose the most suitable market and start having some fund right now!

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