Total Super Bowl Wagering Experience

There will be around $10 to $12 billion bet on this year’s Super Bowl and if you are reading this article, the odds are good that at least a few of those dollars will come to you.

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Wagering on the Super Bowl has practically been a national pastime, as people who do not gamble on any other sporting events often find themselves with a vested interest in the result of the game.

There are various ways to bet on the Super Bowl, varying from the always popular office pools to friendly bets with friends, family, or colleague, to betting through a sports book. We will look at many of the various ways, as well as give some tips and recommendations to enhance your chances.

Office Pools

The most common type of Super Bowl office pool is the box pool, also called as a square pool. It is a 100 square grid, where bettors fill in their names and then draw numbers for the corresponding squares.

The cost of these pools can be from 25 cents per square to hundreds of dollars per square.

There is really no minimum or maximum cost, it is simply whatever the pool organizer believes is a cost to have the pool filled.

The best part about the 100 square pool is that it provides bettors the chance of winning a lot of money for very low risk.

If you are having a Super Bowl party or attending one, you will probably see square pools floating about, and if not, you can make one quite quickly.

Box pools can also work for smaller gatherings by simply using a low cost per square, so that people are more inclined to buy more than one square.

The other common type of Super Bowl party pool for small gatherings is to just use 10 pieces of paper and label them 0-9 and then draw for numbers. The combined score of the 2 teams determines the pool winner. If the score is 24-17 the person with the “1” would be the winner, whereas a 28-17 score would see the bettor with the “5” taking home the money.

Betting the Point Spread and Total

The most common method of betting on the Super Bowl will simply be wagering with the point spread or the total. The current point spread is Pittsburgh -7 points, and the total is right about 47.

What this means, is that bettors who take Pittsburgh must see the Steelers win by 7 or more points to win their wagers, while Arizona bettors will win their bets if the Cardinals lose by 6 or fewer points or win the game. The total is the combined score of both teams and bettors can bet over 47, meaning more than 47 points will be scored in the Super Bowl, or under, meaning less than 47 points will be scored in the game.

Beginners to sports betting may want to read Understanding Point Spreads and Understanding Totals for more explanations.

But being that it is the Super Bowl, bookies are going to give bettors as many ways as possible to lose their money, there are also alternative point spreads, which are point spread or totals bets, but using various point spreads than Pittsburgh -7 or 47 for the total.

Proposition Bets

Super Bowl proposition wagering becomes huge business for sportsbooks, as more and more money is bet on propositions yearly

A proposition bet is really any wager other than one against the point spread or total. There is really no standard definition of a prop bet and the term is used quite loosely.

For the Super Bowl, we will generally break propositions into 3 different categories, Team Propositions, Player Propositions, and Game Propositions. In the technical term, betting on the Super Bowl MVP would be known as a Player Proposition, but since those odds were released a couple of days before the other Player Propositions, we created a separate listing just for them.

Sports gamblers will hear a lot about the different proposition bets leading up the huge game. These types of wagers vary from the coin toss to which quarterback will throw for more yards.

Basically, there are some fairly off-beat propositions that will be provided, such as how long it takes to sing the National Anthem to the number of songs Bruce Springsteen performs during halftime.

But for all practical purposes, these bets are fairly tame compared to some others which have been provided in the past. We looked at some of those, as well as gave a bit of background about the explosion in popularity of proposition bets in The Wacky World of Proposition Wagering.

Who Do I Bet On?

That is the $64,000 question when it comes to the Super Bowl and we will try to help you out a bit in that area, as well. We have assembled a pretty respected group of sports betting personalities who give their best wager for the Super Bowl in Super Bowl Betting – Ask the Experts.

For those of you would like to take part in the world of proposition gambling, professional sports handicapper – Mark Franco gives his top proposition wagers in Betting the Super Bowl XLIII Propositions.

Keep in mind, to most professional sports gamblers, the Super Bowl is little more than another game, just one of 18 games that you can bet on that day. And most will tell you that the bigger the game, the harder it is to guess.

Have fun this Super Bowl Sunday, but do not go overboard on your bets. And most importantly, Good Luck!


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