Most Unusual Super Bowl 49 Proposition Bets

Proposition bets and the Super Bowl go hand in hand and there is no limit to the number of bets that the sportsbooks permit you to place. Some of the proposition bets offered are a little offbeat, as the sportsbooks seemingly try to outdo each other on the number of various bets which they accept. Many of these unusual bets do carry relatively low betting limits, so the sportsbooks are not going to expose themselves to the possibility of huge losses.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl

The Coin Toss

At one time the coin toss was seen a novelty bet, however, people have grown used to seeing it. In this year’s Super Bowl, you can bet on heads or tails, which team wins the coin toss, if the team which selects  heads or tails be correct and if the team which wins the coin toss will go on to win the game or not.

National Anthem

Another one time novelty bet that has been in existence for quite a few years. The choices are a bit limited this year compared to a few previous years, as someone named Idena Manzel is singing this year’s National Anthem.

The only two bets available this year are if the National Anthem will take over 2:01 or under 2:01, and if Menzel will forget or omit at least one word from the song.

Halftime Show

The Super Bowl committee is in a tough bind when it comes to selecting a halftime act due to the age differences of the people who watch the event. In past years when they have actually had somebody with talent performing, like U2, The Who or Bruce Springsteen, the younger crowd complained about the “old farts” on stage. To placate them, the halftime acts are a bit younger and this year’s performer is Katy Perry. Like many people watching the game, I cannot name a single song she’s done, nor would I know her if she was standing right next to me. Because Perry is not popular to many of those considered middle age and older, there are fewer bets being taken on this year’s halftime show than we have seen in the past. This year, the available bets include if Perry will be mentioned more than twice in the first half or not, what color her hair will be and if she wears pants, shorts or a skirt/dress. My wife says the committee could have avoided the problem by having Bastille perform, while I would rather see The Offspring, myself.


This year’s coaches and owners are all recognizable figures, so naturally they have made their way into wagering circles. You can wager if Paul Allen or Robert Kraft will be shown more, which coach will be mentioned first after kickoff, which coach will be shown first after kickoff, whether Pete Carroll will be mentioned as the previous head coach of New England, whether Bill Belichick will smile on camera during the game or not, what color will Belichick’s hoodie be and whether or not the sleeves on his hoodie will be cut.

Bad Boys

These two teams are not necessarily made up of model citizens and both have had a few problems, which naturally, is something to bet on. You can bet if Marshawn Lynch will be fined for anything he does during the game or if he will grab his crotch after a touchdown. You can also bet  if “deflated” balls is said more than three times or not during the broadcast.


There are the usual assortment of bets related to the broadcast, such as will Al Michaels mention the point spread, prop bets or the total during the game? In my opinion, I would like to see Michaels mention the prop bet on him mentioning prop bets, but that is unlikely to happen. You can bet if there be more than 113 million viewers in the U.S., will Seattle or Boston have the better ratings and if the Nielsen Rating is over or under 47.5.


There are the usual bets for after the game, including who the MVP thanks first, the color of Gatorade poured on the winning coach, will the Dow Jones go up or down on Monday and the number of Russell Wilson’s passing yards in the game compared to the national average price of gasoline.

Groundhog Day

Why simply bet on whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not, when you can parlay what Phil does with who wins the Super Bowl? You can wager that he will see his shadow and the Patriots/Seahawks win or that he will not see his shadow and the Patriots or Seahawks win.

Remember that the odds or prop bets vary more from sportsbook to sportsbook than traditional bets, so be sure to shop for the best odds before making a wager. Have some fun and good luck.


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